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(Bible) Old Testament a king of ancient Persia and husband of Esther, generally identified with Xerxes


(əˌhæz yuˈɪər əs, əˌhæs-)

a king of ancient Persia, usu. identified as Xerxes I: husband of Esther.
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Third among the harpooneers was Daggoo, a gigantic, coal-black negro-savage, with a lion-like tread --an Ahasuerus to behold.
le surintendant pass from the height of favor to the direst disgrace; that Vaux be turned into a dungeon for him; that after having been steeped to his lips, as it were, in all the perfumes and incense of Ahasuerus, he is transferred to the gallows of Haman; in other words, of Enguerrand de Marigny?
The story follows Esther, chosen to be the wife and Queen of King Ahasuerus (believed to be Xerxes I) of Persia, who uses her influence to stop the bloody plan made by Haman to kill all the Jews.
The painting was first brought to Birmingham's Barber Institute in May 1939 by Jewish art dealer Kurt Walter Bachstitz, along with teen's other famous work, The Wrath of Ahasuerus.
For example, in asserting that the proximate productions of Marlowe's Jew of Malta and Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice were "an opportunity" for playgoers "to experience plays engaging with anti-Semitism" (133), she does not mention a documented theatrical moment in which a play now lost, "Hester and Ahasuerus," is followed to the stage at Newington the next day by The Jew of Malta (Henslowe's Diary; June 3, 4, 1594).
The Jew in Romantic literature) may appear as Cain, Ahasuerus, Ancient Mariner, and even Faust.
In the second picture, Poussin's representation of Queen Esther coming into the presence of the Persian King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) to plead for the survival of her people, the exiled Jews, Brude-Firnau, rightly, I think, sees an allusion to an event of crucial importance to Goethe and the entire duchy of Weimar: the interview, on 16 October, between Napoleon and Duchess Luise, in which the duchess defended the conduct of her husband, still absent on campaign with the remnant of the Prussian army, and--according to the story put about by Napoleon himself--persuaded him, by her nobility and strength of character, to allow the duchy to continue in existence.
While none of her Venetian paintings can be securely identified, a survey of her later work indicates that the years in Venice were crucial for Gentileschi's turn from depictions of violence to representations of women contrasted with unexpectedly foolish men, such as Esther Before Ahasuerus of ca.
21) Kierkegaard lists Don Juan alongside Faust and Ahasuerus, the Wandering Jew.
Alem disso, tal mito teria se fundido, no seculo XVII, a historia do sapateiro judeu Ahasuerus, testemunha imortal da divindade de Cristo, mesclando, entao, a imortalidade com o eterno vagar.
WHO became the queen of the Persian King Ahasuerus in |the Old Testament?
Behind this thought Coleridge must have had in mind the Ahasuerus legend: the Wondering Jew who can never die, living like dead, because he had the audacity to hurry Christ up on the road of Golgotha--his punishment is the painful convergence in his life of both joy and pain, life and death.