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or Ah·me·da·bad  (ä′mə-də-bäd′)
A city of northwest India north of Mumbai. Founded in 1411 as the capital of a Gujarat kingdom, it is a commercial and cultural center with many outstanding mosques, temples, and tombs.
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Summary: Katihar (Bihar) [India], Aug 9 (ANI): Two minor girls were allegedly raped and then murdered by unknown person/s in Ahmadabad village here, said police on Friday.
As soon as Aslam and his father reached his sister's house in Mandi Ahmadabad on Saturday night, Irshad shot at Abida, who died on the spot.
While giving details, she said the roads which will be rehabilitated and improved included Kot Fateh Khan to Girls High School Kot Fateh Khan, Qutbal to Mehloo, Main road to Dhok Mehdi village Bhadri, Ahmadabad to Dhok Jargar, Fatehjang to Dhok Seelo, Main road to Pind Niazi, Baba Waris to main road, Dhok Abbas to Chak Fateh Khan, Choora Sharif to Bhooramar, Bhatiot link road to Bajuwala, Sidrial to Bakwal, Govt High School Hadowali to Injra, Najo Chowk Dharek to Main road, Misri Road to Dhok Mond and Nara Mor to Dhok Shahbaz.
Meanwhile, in operation at Garhi Ahmadabad, police arrested Zeeshan, Yasir, Wishan and recovered 116 grams Charas from their possession.
Indian students pay tribute to paramilitary soldiers killed in Thursday's explosion in Kashmir, at a school in Ahmadabad, India.-AP
In Mandi Ahmadabad, Nabil Ahmed, s/o Shabir Ahmed, was booked in a case by police.
Investigation into the death of 11-year-old girl, whose body was recovered in Surat, Ahmadabad, India, on April 6, revealed Friday that one of the suspects had bought both the victim and her mother to work as bonded laborers for him in the past.
The world in pictures with Daily Post Head Images Hadyn Iball | INDIA: Lower caste Dalits burn a dead tree in Ahmadabad to block traffic during a nationwide strike.
He expressed these views during an inauguration ceremony of new sewerage line project at Ahmadabad town area, here on saturday.
Hafizabad -- The dead body of a 5-year-old boy of Ahmadabad (Hafizabad), who was missing for the past over 24 hours was found packed in a sack from the pile of filth near the same locality on Saturday.
The International Kite Festival was held at the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmadabad in Gujarat, a state in Western India.
"I love the Indian film industry and want it to collaborate with Israeli actors and directors," he said.The Israeli prime minister also made a visit to PM Modi's hometown Gujarat and went to the burial place Mahatma Gandhi in Ahmadabad.