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Ahura Mazda's adversary, the chief spirit of darkness and evil in Zoroastrianism.

[Persian ahriman, from Middle Persian ahraman, from Avestan angrō mainiiuš, the evil spirit : angra-, evil + mainiiuš, spirit; see men- in Indo-European roots.]


(Other Non-Christian Religions) Zoroastrianism the supreme evil spirit and diabolical opponent of Ormazd
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Noun1.Ahriman - the spirit of evil in Zoroastrianism; arch rival of Ormazd
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The mounted god Ahura Mazda tramples on the evil spirit Ahriman, incarnations of Vishnu leap and shove, only the Buddha meditates in serene symmetry.
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The three male figures represent Zurvan, the deity of infinite time in pre-Islamic Zoroastrian Iran, and his twin sons Ohrmazd, the deity of light and Ahriman, the deity of darkness, who are locked in a fight for the control of the universe.
In the Zurvanite heresy the god Zurvan "Time" created the twins (yema), Ohrmazd and Ahriman (from older Ahura Mazdah and Arjra Mainyu), making the parallel with late Vedic beliefs even more striking: M.
During the first assault of Ahriman, it is Tishtariya who purges the world from all poison and harmful animals.
En esta obra Jose Sanchis Sinisterra parte tambien del postulado benjaminiano por el que el vinculo intergeneracional es eslabon ineludible del encadenado historico, pero su complejo y cinico Ahriman Costa, el exiliado absoluto, cuestiona la utilidad o la inutilidad de la responsabilidad historica en la lucha por la justicia y la libertad, grandes utopias maltrechas por el constante fracaso de lo humano.
For example, the Beatitudes in Christianity are direct copies of Buddhist writings, and the notion of Satan came from the Zoroastrian god Ahriman.
The modern Minoo succeeds in leaving Iran to attend graduate school in Columbus, Ohio, while the other Minoo discovers that she is caught in a struggle between evil god Ahriman and good god Ahura Mazda.
Do you, who assert the supremacy of Ahriman, imagine him throned among these desolating snows, among these palaces of death and frost, so sculptured in this their terrible magnificence by the adamantine hand of necessity, and that he casts around him, as the first essays of his final usurpation, avalanches, torrents, rocks, and thunders, and above all these deadly glaciers, at once the proof and symbol of his reign;--add to this, the degradation of the human species.
We should note also that this cosmic battle seems to form an archetypical pattern in pivotal mythical stories such as that of the fight between Isis and Seth, Vishnu and the serpent, Krishna and the serpent, Ormuzd (Ahura Mazda) and Ahriman (cf.
a) No por ello deviene indiscernible del dualismo mazdeista, postulativo de la existencia de Ahura-Mazda (=Ormuz) y de Ahriman (=Ahra-Many).