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Noun1.Ahura - (Zoroastrianism) title for benevolent deitiesAhura - (Zoroastrianism) title for benevolent deities
Mazdaism, Zoroastrianism - system of religion founded in Persia in the 6th century BC by Zoroaster; set forth in the Zend-Avesta; based on concept of struggle between light (good) and dark (evil)
Hindu deity - a deity worshipped by the Hindus
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His incursion into the temple of Fire may determine that he is uninitiated because he is at first unaware of his role as magus and that the temple demands fire after the chanting of the Yasna, a possible indication of imposture if taken to be Zoroastrian; it is more likely another point of emphasis that the temple belongs to a cult of Mithra rather than Ahura Mazda.
In the Avesta, too, the corresponding word ahura occasionally refers to human lords (Gathas Y 29,219 and Y 31,10;20 Ardvl Sur Yast 85, Tistar Yast 36, Fravardin Yast 63, Bahiram Yast 37, Zamyad Yast 77)--and not always complimentary: the ahura in Bahiram Yast 37 is largely unsuccessful--he cannot kill the owner of the magic feather.
it with local and national art and thinking Table 2: Classification of Persian architectural features in the governmental, economic, and religious systems, Source: authors Period System Effective factor Achaemenian-- Governmental Centralized and Persians system unified and strong leadership Economic Strong with system financial reserves Religious obedience of system Ahura Mazda and trilogy gods and kings Period affected--Architecture components Achaemenian-- Using arts and technology Persians of other obedience nations and integration it with local and national art and thinking Symbolic Architecture to inducepolitical, cultural and etc.
El rey Dario declara: que Ahura Mazda me conceda su apoyo, con todos los dioses, y que Ahura Mazda proteja a este pueblo del ejercito enemigo, del hambre y de la mentira; que no alcance a este pueblo ni el ejercito enemigo ni el hambre ni la mentira; es lo que yo pido como un favor a Ahura Mazda, con todos los dioses; que Ahura Mazda, con todos los dioses, me conceda esto como un favor.
Zarathustra took up the ancient ideas of his tribe to build a universal faith, based not on the fear of an unknown, powerful force of nature, but on the reassurance given by a wise Creator, Ahura Mazda.
Cuando alimentaron esperanzas de perfeccion--la victoria de Ahura Mazda entre los persas o la venida del Mesias para los hebreos--las situaron fuera del alcance del esfuerzo humano: su realizacion seria obra de leyes o de voluntades mas altas.
In Samarkand, they built temples to the Iranian god Ahura Mazda and others, and they portrayed Zoroastrian ceremonies on the walls of their houses.
According to tradition, Noruz perpetuates and commemorates the day of the creation of the world by Ahura Mazda.
It is where Ahura Mazda describes an earthly place (11):
The modern Minoo succeeds in leaving Iran to attend graduate school in Columbus, Ohio, while the other Minoo discovers that she is caught in a struggle between evil god Ahriman and good god Ahura Mazda.
A badness of Angra Mainyu replies each goodness created by Ahura Mazda.
A las 6 de la manana la procesion alcanzo el tablado de 50 varas de largo, 48 de ancho y 8 de ahura, al que le daban marco 600 velas de cebo en cendidas, las estatuas de la fe y la justicia y 8 columnas jaspeadas, y la gran cruz verde, signo y simbolo del Santo Oficio.