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n. Greek Mythology
The first king of Aegina, known for his piety and justice, appointed as a judge in Hades after his death.
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iii) Noble descent: His grandfather Aiakos was one of the most equitable man of the world and after his death, Hades made him judge of the souls of the dead together with Minos and Rhadamanthys.
As further proof of his descent from the house of Aiakos, (3) he pointed out that one of his ancestors was Menesthios, Spercheios' son by Polydora, the daughter of Peleus (cf.
The final image is from Odysseus' interview with Achilles' shade in the Odyssey 11.538-9: "So I spoke, and the soul of the swift-footed scion of Aiakos / stalked away in long strides across the meadow of asphodel," Richmond Lattimore, trans.