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n.1.same as Ainu.
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Iittala", articulo redactado en 2009, mencionaba a Aino Aalto; pero no se destacaba su importancia en la firma.
Frequent epizootics of Akabane virus and Aino virus in Japan have caused many cases of congenital malformations in calves (6).
For example, when stuck on how to help a student with fine-motor difficulties, she started reading and reaching out to her former professor, Aino.
1) Graduate School of Sport and Health Science, Ritsumeikan University, Japan; (2) Department of Physical Therapy, Aino University, Japan; (3) Division of Preventive Medicine, Clinical Research Institute, National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center, Kyoto, Japan; (4) Department of Sports Medicine for Health Promotion, Tokyo Medical University, Japan
En 1972, tres anos despues del fallecimiento de Aino, sus tres hijos sobrevivientes vendieron Ainola al Estado de Finlandia, con la finalidad de que alli se abriera una casa-museo como sucedio dos anos despues, a instancias del Ministerio de Educacion y de la propia Sociedad Musical Sibelius.
The Finland Care Trade Mission includes Dr Timo Joensuu, chief clinical director and associate professor of clinical oncology and founder of the Docrates Cancer Centre, experts from Heart Centre Co Tampere University Hospital, Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Aino Health Management and Commit, a company that develops and sells software solutions for healthcare organisations.
Faust - Elvira Aino "Effie" Faust, 94, of Eugene, died Oct.
He said two bombs hidden in two cars were detonated remotely in Aino Meena, a barricaded compound housing area.
He also includes some letters exchanged between Newmarch and Sibelius's wife Aino (nos.
However, lead author Dr Aino Lammintausta from Turku University Hospital in Finland also noted that these differences in prognosis cannot be fully explained by differences in treatment-seeking time or access to effective therapy.
Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are two enviably tall Stockholm natives--Hjelt with a soft burst of orange hair, Jawo with a brown, eyebrow-skimming bowl cut.
He and his first wife, Aino Aalto (1894-1949) designed extraordinary furniture and glassware (4).