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tr.v. e·lu·tri·at·ed, e·lu·tri·at·ing, e·lu·tri·ates
1. To purify, separate, or remove (ore, for example) by washing, decanting, and settling.
2. To wash away the lighter or finer particles of (soil, for example).

[Latin elutriāre, elutriāt- (from *elutrium, vat, bath, from Greek *elutrion, diminutive of elutron, cover, sheath, tank; see elytron) or ēlūtriāre (from *ēlūtor, one who washes, from ēluere, to wash out; see elute).]

e·lu′tri·a′tion n.
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the process of elutriating, or purification by washing and straining.
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The virtual pilot plant, based on the sequential processing involved in upgrading ASR, begins with the ASR sample and goes through the processes of screening, hammer mill, drying, screening, air classification, size reduction (cutting process) before finally ending up with the upgraded ASR.
Second, ESCO's sand reclamation is non-thermal, and utilizes only physical processes such as screening and air classification. Consequently, any organic constituents that were not released at the high pouring and cooling temperatures would not be released during physical sand reclamation.
Air classification system with classifier mill (a) and air-sizing sifter (b)
When the target demands very narrow particle size distributions with grinding down to D97 at <20 [micro]m, air classification mills may be considered.
The system utilizes a multi-pass process of mechanical agitation, centrifugal force and air classification. The end result is baled on fluff pulp, baled plastic and bagged SAP.
Screening equipment, from trommels to vibrating screens to finger screens to disc screens, can facilitate further separation and sorting of mixed C&D material by sizing the material as it moves through the system, creating an overs line that is hand picked and an unders line that is separated into its constituent parts using automation in the form of magnets, air classification systems and sink tanks.
A post-shredder air classification system helps separate metals from nonmetallics, while a magnet then separates ferrous from nonferrous metals.
These systems rupture or cut the product, allowing the fluff/fiber and SAP to be removed through a series of beaters, fans and air classification units.
In addition, Wittmann proposes including in the energy ratings a Dry Air Classification based on the dewpoint of which the dryer is capable.
Aider dry cleaning, B+B's PET recycling line puts the flake through air classification and into the firm's new HWK continuous hot washer.