air conditioner

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air conditioner
window-style unit

air conditioner

An apparatus for controlling, especially lowering, the temperature and humidity of an enclosed space.

air′ condi`tioner

an air-conditioning device.
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Noun1.air conditioner - a system that keeps air cool and dryair conditioner - a system that keeps air cool and dry
cooling, cooling system - a mechanism for keeping something cool; "the cooling was overhead fans"
مكيف الهواء
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- construction of a foundation slab for external air conditioning units. - installation of external air conditioning units.
UK-based Airedale International Air Conditioning has won the contract tosupply its 'EasiCool' air conditioning units units forthe RiyadhMetro's data centres.
Future Market Insights has announced the addition of the "Aircraft air conditioning units Market to Reflect a Holistic Expansion During 2018 - 2028"report to their offering
A SCHOOL caught up in the devastating moorland fire above Stalybridge is appealing for donations of air conditioning units.
Installing air conditioning units in all 750 state schools before first assessing needs and taking other, environmentally friendly measures, would be reckless and irresponsible, the island's technical chamber,Etek, said on Wednesday.
Just like cars, air conditioning units need to be regularly checked and maintained in order to function adequately and efficiently.
against Vice President Leni Robredo after all the air conditioning units at the revision floor bogged down.
Brigadier General Mohammad Abdullah Al Zaabi Director General of Ras Al Khaimah Civil said that initial emergency call reported a foul stench from one of the air conditioning units.
The company is expanding holistic rental services of the air conditioning units and electrical power generators as it believes that the rental services are the ideal solution for cooling the Two Holy Mosques and the pilgrims' camps.
They offered to rent out portable air conditioning units for PS20 per week and could deliver the next day.
The company uses the condensation from air conditioning units to flush toilets.
One unit is slightoy larger than the others.One unit has central air, the other two have central heat and window air conditioning units.

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