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Noun1.evaporative cooler - a cooling system that cools by evaporationevaporative cooler - a cooling system that cools by evaporation
cooling, cooling system - a mechanism for keeping something cool; "the cooling was overhead fans"
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He also announced provision of new electricity generator, fans and air cooler for the hospital from his personal account.
Park authorities have installed air cooler and fans at shelters of animals especially the tiger, leopard and Asiatic black bear to keep their body temperature normal.
[ClickPress, Mon May 13 2019] Increasing Demand from Countries of the Asia Pacific and Middle East to Define Evaporative Air Cooler Market Revenue Growth Asia and the Middle East have witnessed substantial climate change in the last few years, thereby impacting the lives of people living in these regions.
There is also the metal sheet body air cooler, popularly known as the 'Lahori style' cooler, that is now available here for something between Rs7,000 to Rs9,000 per unit.
'Once all the components of the air cooler - the body, the fan and the pump - are assembled, fitting them together and setting up the cooler only takes two to three hours,' Zain explained.
International Resource News-March 28, 2019--Alfa Laval receives contract to supply air cooler systems to US gas processing plant
Khalid al Balushi won a Ikon 55" smart TV, Ameen Mubaraq won an Ikon cooking range, Nabeel Khalid won an Ikon refrigerator, Oliyan won an Ikon air cooler, and Khaseeb Salim claimed an Ikon tab.
Khalid al Balushi won the Ikon 55' Smart TV, Ameen Mubaraq won the Ikon cooking range, Nabeel Khalid won the Ikon refrigerator while Oliyan took home the Ikon air cooler and Khaseeb Salim won the Ikon tab.
So what are the advantages and disadvantages of an air cooler?
Symphony has 50 per cent share of the organised air cooler market, followed by Kenstar, Bajaj Electricals, and Usha
Hamad Khan, a resident of Swati Gate and father of three has just bought an Air Cooler because it is not only cheaper but also an alternative for air-conditioner to cope with the scorching heat.
Consider: Stanyl Diablo 0CD2100, which contains 40[degrees]/o glass fiber reinforcement and features a patented heat stabilizer, a stabilizer that the company's David Lange, application development engineer, not entirely jokingly describes as being akin to sunblock, but in this case, rather than resisting UV rays, resists the effects of high temperature, is being used to make a combination intake manifold/ charged air cooler for a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.