air freshener

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air′ fresh`ener

an aerosol spray, liquid deodorizer, or other preparation used to remove odors and freshen the air in a room.
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THE FOOD and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning against six air fresheners being sold in the market, saying these may be hazardous to health.
Filtrete Brand from 3M is introducing a new way to create fresher-smelling air throughout the home with new Filtrete Whole House Air Fresheners.
Busy lifestyles and rising stress levels at work are pushing consumers to use air fresheners to set a mood or to help them relax after a long stressful day at work.
California Scents is a leading manufacturer and distributor of home and automotive air fresheners, and is known for its auto air freshener products that are sold in small cans.
Unlike other air fresheners, it breaks down odour molecules killing the most persistent smells and replacing them with fresh air.
Unlike other air fresheners, Neutradol breaks down odour molecules, killing the most persistent smells and replacing them with fresh air.
ClickPress, Thu Aug 20 2015] During 2014, car air fresheners recorded healthy current value growth.
Over the last decade, air fresheners have emerged as an essential home care product due to increasing product awareness among diverse consumer classes in the US.
It recently introduced its Flower Shop Collection of fragrant stick air fresheners in eight floral scents.
With a 77% value share of the category, standard spray/aerosol air fresheners was the leading category, due to its longstanding presence and affordable unit prices.
MANUFACTURER OF LITTLE TREES AIR FRESHENERS, is launching Perk, a new brand that, according to company officials, is designed to shake up the automotive fragrance category.
But a less-recognized trigger sits on counters and tables across the country--scented air fresheners.