Air line

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1.A path through the air made easy for aërial navigation by steady winds.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Dubai-based leading Emirates has launched Emirates Air Line, the UK's first urban cable car, offering a new and innovative way to cross London's River Thames.
The public can now board Emirates Air Line, the UK's first urban cable car, to cross the River Thames in the British capital.
Dubai-based Emirates Airline was on Friday named as the sponsor for London's new cable car river crossing - to be known as the Emirates Air Line, in a 10-year deal worth [pounds sterling]36 million (US $55.9 million).
Eyeball the air line that's mounted along the grader's tandems.
These products help to reduce operator fatigue and remove the weight of the long and heavy air line connected to the tools.
The Tri-Kit performs both methods as well as another very powerful, but usually overlooked, method called air line gating.
For a 50 [ohms] air line with an internal diameter (ID) of 0.055[inches], the outer diameter (OD) should be 0.127[inches] (3.22 mm).
The deal was agreed on 27 October 2004 but details of the proposal have been withheld until the Air Line Pilots Association has had a chance to review it.
Operators and mechanics, the tractor truck's air line cutoff handle is no handhold for climbing aboard the catwalk.