Air vessel

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Air´ ves`sel

1.A vessel, cell, duct, or tube containing or conducting air; as the air vessels of insects, birds, plants, etc.; the air vessel of a pump, engine, etc. For the latter, see Air chamber. The air vessels of insects are called tracheæ, of plants spiral vessels.
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To understand the difference between a pressurized air vessel bursting and a pressurized hydraulic vessel bursting, consider the following.
Readers should be able to make estimates of air vessel capacities, valve closure times, and pump and motor inertias before initiating computer-aided analysis, the publisher says.
Tenders are invited for Construction of rcc framed structure and control pannel room for errection of air vessel for rising main no.
Tenders are invited for The work of refurbishment of surge protection system for pumping stations at CWSS I & II stage and providing bladder to air vessel for CWSS III stage at T.
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Tenders are invited for Testing of Air Vessel tanks of HEMMs and allied machines of Ashok Project Piparwar Area.
Tenders are invited for Providing, supplying, installation and testing of air vessel along with air valves (anti surge equipments) for rising main of borghat lift irrigation scheme no.
Limited Tenders are invited for Preparation Of Onsite Emergency Control Plan Safety Audit And Air Vessel Pressure Testing At Barauni
Tenders are invited for Supply of Air Vessel with load cell arrangement 450 mm/6 bar / 60m