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Noun1.aircraft engine - the engine that powers and aircraftaircraft engine - the engine that powers and aircraft
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
engine - motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work
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Aircraft piston engine reliability starts with assembly of a new, remanufactured or overhauled engine using the approved parts, processes, procedures and special tools spelled out in manufacturer's technical manuals.
The recalled aircraft piston engine cylinders were cast on a specific production tool and shipped since November 2007.
But Williams International, a small Walled Lake, MI, company that builds tiny turbofans for mini-bizjets, cruise missiles, and unmanned drones, is already test-running the FJX-2 turbofan, which weighs about as much as a casual sportsplex clean-and-jerk (less than 100 pounds), puts out 700 pounds of thrust (very roughly equivalent to horsepower), and could lead to jet engines that someday sell for as little as the cost of a contemporary 300-hp six-cylinder aircraft piston engine (around $35,000).

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