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Noun1.air horn - a pneumatic hornair horn - a pneumatic horn      
horn - an alarm device that makes a loud warning sound
2.air horn - air intake of a carburetorair horn - air intake of a carburetor    
carburetor, carburettor - mixes air with gasoline vapor prior to explosion
inlet, intake - an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container
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Breast cancer survivor Bethan Thomas shared her story on stage before sounding the airhorn to set a sea of pink runners on their way.
Breast cancer survivor Laura Ross and her 10-year-old daughter Sally sounded the airhorn to set the runners off on a 5k or 10k course around Holyrood Park.
His picks-everything from a World War I ship's airhorn to an Aston Martin tin car to a lamp post that is now an aquarium-are thoughtfully displayed in each section of the house.
Debbie Bickford, a special needs teaching assistant at Whitchurch High School, Cardiff, sounded the airhorn to set the 5K runners on their way.
WNo, not a budgie with an airhorn - I was actually thinking some people's attitude towards of the Tour de France.
I changed the location of Ella's last potty trip before bed to the front yard, and each evening, when it was time, Yd creep out the door, broom in one hand and airhorn in the other, peering around corners and under bushes, before signaling to Ella that it was safe for her to come out to pee.
The keyboards are real squishy, and there's a gong and a wheezing airhorn, too.
I want my coffin to be shaped like an LI 150 Lambretta complete with mirrors and airhorn. Lets get this rave going.
Ladbrokes - b anned items to be shown on BBC coverage of Olympic opening ceremony: 1-10 liquid container greater than 100ml, large flag, 1-5 clothing with commercial signage, 1-4 noisemaker (eg vuvuzela, airhorn), 1-3 banner, 1-2 ball, Evs oversized hat, 2 clothing with political statement, 3 golf umbrella, 4 frisbee, 5 racket, 6 long-lens camera (not in official area), 10 excessive food.
When four minutes are up, smart-phone screen starts flashing 'Scoreboard, Baby.' If, score is not given within four seconds, phone emits the gentle sound of an airhorn."