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an occasion when an air base is open to the public and a flying display and, usually, static exhibitions are held
Also called: air display



a demonstration or entertainment featuring aerial stunts by aircraft.
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A combination of nostalgia, skill and the extraordinary sight of historic and modern aircraft performing stunning aerobatic displays in the skies are just some of the reasons people continue to love airshows.
Mach 2 Airshows has launched, bringing private airshows to corporate meetings and events nationwide, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 1, 2017-New company brings private airshows to corporate meetings, events
AIRSHOWS have faced more stringent safety regulations since the Shoreham disaster.
She said airshows have only had four weeks to respond to the CAA's consultation on the changes, adding: "They are having to cancel because they can't respond quickly enough.
AIRSHOWS cannot take place this year without tightening up on safety, it has been decided in the wake of the Shoreham disaster which killed 11 people.
The number of exhibiters has increased to 150 companies and the showcasing space by more than 50 percent along with attendance of more than 75 delegations from more than 50 countries all of these constitute positive indicators that the airshow has moved from successful to more successful becoming one of the best airshows in the Middle East region, the minister stressed.
Hospitality provider Centerplate won a three-year contract to manage hospitality and catering services at the Sunderland International Airshow one of the biggest free airshows in Europe.
Record number of flying display participants in the history of airshows in Singapore
Exhibitors and visitors will immediately 'feel' the difference with the exhibition halls having more spacious aisles, an improved media centre with all press facilities being clustered in one area, a larger static park for more aircraft and more spaces for outdoor pavilions which can now remain on site permanently -- a growing trend at airshows," he said.
Like previous airshows, this year's event will also be the platform for state-of-the-art technical demonstrations and aircraft on the static park display, which will feature an F18, F15, C17, C-130J and an Apache MH-60 from the US besides an array of business jets from companies such as Gulfstream, Bombardier and Cessna.