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New software that has been announced or marketed but has not been produced.


(ˈveɪ pərˌwɛər)

a product, esp. computer software, that is announced and promoted while it is still in development and that may never come to market.


Software that has been promoted for a long period but never becomes available for use.
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1905 ACE Group LLC 2624 Acme Bag Company/dba The Bulk Bag Company 299 Advanced Concepts & Engineering LLC 3906 Advanced Detection Systems 1217 Aerodyne Enviromental 3459 AirGon LLC 2013 Airware 1021 Allgaier Process Technology Inc.
1 December 2017 - US-based breathing and intra-nasal deliver technology products provider Airware Labs Corp.
It offers pre-machining, custom-designed aerospace components, and many advanced technologies and proprietary alloys, such as Airware, which uniquely enables weight reduction, extends intervals of aircraft heavy maintenance and contributes to the development of a sustainable aerospace industry.
In the beginning, it was American companies, like California-based Airware, that pioneered commercial drone technology.
Caterpillar Ventures, the Peoria, Illinois-based equipment company's venture capital investment group, reported that it has made a strategic investment in Airware, a developer of aerial-data business solutions.
Companies Profiled Market Leaders Yamaha, DJI, AeroVironment Market Participants 3D Robotics, Aeryon Labs, AgEagle, Airogisitic, Airware, BlueSKy, Boeing, China Aerospace, Intel / Cyberhawk Innovations, Delair-Tech, Denel Dynamics, DJI, Draganflyer, EHang, Finmeccanica, Flirtey, FT Sistemas, Google, GoPro, Gryphon, Hobbico, Hubsan, HUVRData, LLC, Intel, Ascending Technologies, Israel Aerospace Industries, Japan Drones, L-3 Communications, Parrot/senseFly, Prox Dynamics, Proxy Technologies, Roketsan, RUAG Aerospace, Safran Morpho, Schiebel, Secom, Skycatch, Sky-Futures, Yahama, Yuneec Order a copy of Report @ http://www.
Don Weigel is vice president of product and professional services at San Francisco-based drone systems company Airware.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: 3D Systems, Airware, Audi, Bosch, DJI, Ford, GM, Hexo+, Intel, Kia, Lyft, Mercedes Benz, Nvidia, PrecisionHawk, Qualcomm, Samsung, Tencent, Toyota, Volkswagen, XYZ Printing, Yuneec, Zerotec
The largest recipient of investor dollars in the drone world -- at $40 million -- has been Airware of San Francisco, which is building an operating system to let drones and their added components work together.
We're also invested in drones via a company called Airware, which is making the autopilot software for drones.
This joint venture with Eastar Industries is an important step in AirWare's mission to help people live healthier lives through better breathing," said Jeffrey Rassas, CEO of AirWare Labs.
Allergy Advanced Nasal Filter was developed by Airware Corp.