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Noun1.Aizoaceae - succulent herbs or small shrubs mostly of South Africa but also New Zealand and North America: carpetweeds; fig marigolds
caryophylloid dicot family - family of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Caryophyllales, Chenopodiales, order Caryophyllales, order-Chenopodiales - corresponds approximately to the older group Centrospermae
Carpobrotus, genus Carpobrotus - a caryophyllaceous genus of Carpobrotus
Dorotheanthus, genus Dorotheanthus - a caryophyllaceous genus of Dorotheanthus
genus Lithops - genus of stemless South African succulents
genus Mesembryanthemum, Mesembryanthemum - South African annual or biennial plants having flowers that open only in bright sunlight
genus Molluga, Molluga - carpetweeds
genus Pleiospilos, Pleiospilos - perennial succulents of South Africa
genus Tetragonia, Tetragonia - New Zealand spinach
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According to literature the Flora composition of park included 212 species of trees belongs to 50 families of plants of which 14 are major families containing 147 species that includes Poaceae, Fabaceae, Asteraceae, Chenopodiaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Boraginaceae, Amaranthaceae, Aizoaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Mimosaceae and Solanaceae, Capparidaceae, Caryophyllaceae and Scrophulariaceae (Wariss et al., 2014).
Evolutionary radiation of 'stone plants' in the genus Argyroderma (Aizoaceae): unraveling the effects of landscape, habitat and flowering time.
AltMV has a broad host range and can infect plants from at least 31 taxonomic families including Aizoaceae, Amaranthaceae, Apiaceae, Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Fabaceae, Plantaginaceae, Polemoniaceae, and Solanaceae [19].
rosa-sinensis (Malvaceae), Convolvulus arvensis (Convulvulaceae), Launea nudicaulis (Euphorbiaceae), Withania somnifera (Solanaceae), Coronopus didimus (Brassicaceae), Euphorbia prostrate (Euphorbiaceae), Conyza bonariensis (Asteraceae), Solamum melongena (Solanaceae), Abelmoschus esculentus (Malvaceae), Cirsium arvense (Asteraceae), Chenopodium album (Chenopodiaceae), Gossypium hirsutum (Malvaceae), Capsicum frutescens (Solanaceae), Amaranthus spinosus (Amaranthaceae), Clerodendron inerme, Trianthema portulacastrum (Aizoaceae), Portulaca oleracea (Portulacaceae), Tribulus terrestris (Zygophyllaceae), Digera arvensis (Amaranthaceae), Eclipta prostrate (Asteraceae), Parthenium hysterophorus (Asteraceae),
(lemon balm, known as Labiatae balm, common balm, (dead-nettle or mint cytria, hashishat al family) nahil, kovanutu, ogulotu, seiyo- yama-hakka, sweet balm, toronjil, tronjan) Mesembryanthemus Aizoaceae Aerial parts forsskale (Hochst) Mentha x piperita L.
caerulea (Raf.) Bolli blue elderberry Aizoaceae Iceplant Family Aptenia cordifolia (L.f.) Schwantes * baby sun rose Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N.E.