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A village of west-central India southwest of Amravati. Nearby rock-hewn temples and monasteries dating from c. 200 bc to ad 650 contain remarkable examples of Buddhist art.
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Tenders are invited for Mw(p) to annual maintenance of fiber optic lighting and conventional lighting system at ajanta caves at ajanta (1st recall)
The illustration of playing boards on Ajanta caves are the earliest proof of this game to be played in India.
Today, many people travel to enjoy watching the sun rising or setting at special locations, such as the ancient monuments holding precise alignments for that day: the Ajanta Caves in India, Machu Picchu in Peru or the Pyramids of Giza.
It needs to be emphasized that when he wrote this he was well acquainted with such masterpieces of ancient architecture and art as the stone sculptures of Ellora and the immortal creations of anonymous artists in the Ajanta caves of India.
But the great majority of the Ajanta caves, and almost all of the murals, particularly the rich cycles of wall painting in Caves 1 and 2, date from the second phase of construction in the 5th century CE.
Apart from promoting the activists' places, it is also planning to promote more caves, including the world famous Ajanta Caves.
These Buddhist shrines were carved out of basalt rock during the 6th-7th century and their carvings are comparable to the classical art of the Ajanta caves.
The magnificent Ajanta caves were abandoned around 650 AD and forgotten until 1819, when a British hunting party stumbled upon them.
Sigiriya has been marked by UNESCO as a world heritage site as it is also famous for its ancient paintings reflecting the Ajanta caves in India.
The Ajanta Caves have approximately 254 hectares of land, while the Ellora Caves have about 34 hectares.
Viewers have to vote the Seven Wonders from a list of 62 that include the well-known sites like Ajanta Caves, Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Aga Khan palace, Pune, hill stations of Matheran and Mahableshwar, Melghat Tiger Reserve, Pandarpur, a pilgrim centre, and Sachkhand Gurudwara in Nanded.
The paintings in the caves can be compared to the Ajanta caves in Mahrashtra since both have the same expression and lyrical grace," he says.