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Noun1.Kamba - a Bantu language spoken by the Kamba in Kenya
Bantoid language, Bantu - a family of languages widely spoken in the southern half of the African continent
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Revival of the lake port has seen demolition of a number of structures including the popular Lwang'ni beach eateries and food kiosks that lay along Akamba Bus Service and Winmart area, among others.
A letter by the Kenya Railways was addressed to all tenants with temporary occupation licence and short lease along Akamba line road and on Lwangni beach.
Country Queen , a new TV drama series produced as a joint German and Kenyan co-production focuses on the fast-paced and perilous world of Nairobi as well as that of the rural populations -- who are mostly neglected when it comes to serious and riveting storytelling -- and is told through the view ofa rarely highlighted tribe of the Akamba community.
CUSTOMARY LAW 142 (1956) (explaining how the Akamba compensate
At About 10 thereabouts, then the National Organiser, retired Captain Joshua Akamba, came and he drew my attention that some of the victims were in the hospital, so we should go and visit them.
This volume presents how "the seed" of the gospel has been spread among the Akamba people in the interior of East Africa from the 1840s, when the first missionary, Dr Johann Ludwig Krapf, a German Lutheran pastor, arrived in the region and until today.
Hon Akamba Paul (Busiki County) referred to the vote as a first win in the battle that they came ready to fight.
Hebu shika maarifa Kama wewe mgeni mjini huu wa taifa Hizo pesa ufiche Na huo mzigo uushike Unapofika huko kibanda Cha Akamba usikawie Wenyeji wa Nairobi hawafiki mjini Usiku wa manane Take these pieces of advice If you're a visitor In this capital city Hide that money And hold your luggage when you get to The Akamba bus stop Don't delay Residents of Nairobi Don't get to the Capital In the dead of the night In this song Wainaina starkly paints images of fear and insecurity due to the upsurge of crime in the city with the police as key actors.
TRICK OR TREAT TRAIL AT AKAMBA When: October 26 to 31 Where: Tythe Barn Lane, Shirley, Solihull, B90 1PH Meet creepy creatures, sneaky snakes, leery lizards, freaky frogs and spooky spiders at Akamba garden centre.
Since most Kenyan communities depend on agriculture as the backbone of the economy for sustenance, some of these, including the Abanyore, Akamba, Ameru, Turkana, and Maasai, have been involved in the practice of rainmaking rituals.
THE REGGAELATORS: Akamba, Tythe Barn Lane, Shirley.
the Samojedes in Siberia and the Todas in South India, the Mongolians of Tartary and the Tuaregs of the Sahara, the Aino of Japan and the Akamba and Nandi in Central Africa, the Tinguanes in the Philippines and the inhabitants of the Nikobari Islands and of Madagascar and Borneo"--they all have a prohibition against pronouncing the name of the deceased.