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or A·khe·na·ton  (ä′kə-nät′n, äk-nät′n) also Ikh·na·ton (ĭk-nät′n) Originally A·men·ho·tep IV (ä′mən-hō′tĕp, ăm′ən-) Died c. 1355 bc.
King of Egypt (1372-1355) who rejected the old gods and initiated a monotheistic worship of the sun-god Aten.


or A•khe•na•ten

(ɑkˈnɑt n, ˌɑ kə-)

also Akh•na•ton

(ɑkˈnɑt n)

(Amenhotep IV) died 1357? b.c., king of Egypt 1375?-1357?: reformer of ancient Egyptian religion (son of Amenhotep III).
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Noun1.Akhenaton - early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with sun worship (died in 1358 BC)Akhenaton - early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with sun worship (died in 1358 BC)
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Let us keep in mind, too, that not much came over time of Akbar's religious experimentations, much like those of Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) of ancient Egypt's 18th dynasty.
Pierre (2001: 144) affirms that in the study of the history of ancient Egypt the only religious conflict that one finds is the one that opposed the Egyptians to the adepts of the new cult of Akhenaton, an act done in an attempt to deviate from hierarchical monotheism.
There is the earlier monotheism of Pharaoh Amenophis IV, who took the name of Akhenaton, and launched an exclusive cult of the solar disk, several centuries before the commonly accepted date of Moses.
The scratched texts, especially the name of the god "Amon", suggest that it was disrupted during the religious revolution under the rule of revolutionary Pharaoh Akhenaton.
Il a ete decouvert, il y a quelques annees par Akhenaton, membre du groupe IAM.
Craik's book begins by purporting the theory that the man we know as Moses was actually Pharaoh Akhenaton, later known as Aten Mos, and that he was responsible for initiating the monotheist practices that formed the basis of the three major religions in the world today.
I have passion for Egyptian ancient civilisation especially for Akhenaton," said Greek-Cypriot musician Alkinoos Ioannidis, who was invited by the Embassy of Greece to give concerts in the Cairo Opera House and in Alexandria as part of the celebration of the Greek Cultural week which had started few days ago.
As warriors for hire, they are mentioned in the Tel El-Amarna Letters addressed to Pharaoh Akhenaton (c.
Ainsi tous les aspects de la vie sont abordes, et pas seulement les marques d'une nouvelle theologie instauree par Akhenaton.
As wholesalers it makes all the difference when we went to Europe, Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar," said Mohammad Ahmad, a salesman at Akhenaton, which sells papyrus paintings and wall tapestries.
Artists in the last ten years such as La Rumeur, Diam's, Abd al Malik, Java, or Akhenaton, among others, confirm the position held by hip hop in contemporary French popular music.
During history these tendencies sometimes resulted in single god cults, such as Akhenaton in Egypt.