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A·ki·ta 1

 (ä-kē′tə, ä′kĭ-tä′)
A city of northwest Honshu, Japan, on the Sea of Japan. It is a major port.

A·ki·ta 2

A dog of a large breed developed in Japan for hunting, having small erect ears, a curled tail carried over the back, and a thick coat of various colors.

[After Akita prefecture in northwest Honshu, Japan, where the breed is thought to have originated.]
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(Breeds) a large powerfully-built dog of a Japanese breed with erect ears, a typically white coat, and a large full tail carried curled over its back
[C20: named after a district in N Japan]
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(əˈki tə)

n., pl. -tas.
1. a seaport on N Honshu, in N Japan, on the Sea of Japan. 302,000.
2. one of a Japanese breed of large, muscular dogs with a broad, triangular head, erect ears, a stiff coat, and a long, curled tail.
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During the second quarter of 2019 AKITA achieved 1,008 operating days in the US, compared to only 136 operating days in the US over the same period in 2018.
On July 18 Ambassador visited the Akita University of Japan, where he met with its President Prof.
Southport RSPCA branch manager Paul Gibson said: "Alfie the Akita was found in an awful way; left for dead in the woodland area of Wigan after being given a severe beating.
Odate City in Akita Prefecture is famous as the birthplace of the Akita dog, and there are numerous facilities related to the Akita dog there.
Deputy governor of Akita Prefecture, Kazui Sakai, led a six-person delegation to Taiwan, and signed a letter of intent with the CEO of FAT, Tseng Chin-chih in Taipei.
Akita's population is forecast to fall 41 percent by 2045, when half of the prefecture's estimated 600,000 residents will be older than 65, according to the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research.
The majority of research studies investigating retinal alterations in the Akita mouse have employed ex vivo techniques such as histological sectioning, immunofluorescence, and trypsin digest models or in vivo methods including fluorescein angiography and confocal microscopy [10, 36, 37, 39, 42, 43, 68, 69].
Some bullet trains running to and from Akita have been suspended because of the heavy rains, East Japan Railway said on its website.
Kerr, from Burnside Gardens in Kilfennan, Derry, was fined PS2,000 for being in charge of an Akita that bit a woman and told to pay PS1,000 for contravening a condition of his licence.
The project will be executed by Akita Katagami Windfarm, LLC, a three-way joint venture established between Venti and Mitsubishi Corporation Power Ltd.