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A·ki·ta 1

 (ä-kē′tə, ä′kĭ-tä′)
A city of northwest Honshu, Japan, on the Sea of Japan. It is a major port.

A·ki·ta 2

A dog of a large breed developed in Japan for hunting, having small erect ears, a curled tail carried over the back, and a thick coat of various colors.

[After Akita prefecture in northwest Honshu, Japan, where the breed is thought to have originated.]


(Breeds) a large powerfully-built dog of a Japanese breed with erect ears, a typically white coat, and a large full tail carried curled over its back
[C20: named after a district in N Japan]


(əˈki tə)

n., pl. -tas.
1. a seaport on N Honshu, in N Japan, on the Sea of Japan. 302,000.
2. one of a Japanese breed of large, muscular dogs with a broad, triangular head, erect ears, a stiff coat, and a long, curled tail.
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There have been numerous national press reports involving attacks by Akitas, but Akita owners online defend the breed and say they are not a fighting dog.
He added that Akitas are very strong dogs that are very protective of their owners and their living area but they are also quiet and disciplined animals, he said.
A source said: "It was obvious that whoever moved in was conscious of security given the appearance of a massive new gate and the two Akitas.
Bobby can live happily in a sheltered kennel outdoors and he will not be cold as Akitas have amazing thick coats.
And Holmfirth farmer Bruce Roberts issued a plea for people to keep their animals under control after his flock was targeted, he believes akitas were responsible.
Yet it was a bittersweet victory: Though he'd raised both show and working dogs, the public preferred its Akitas mild, not wild.
Chief was one of two Akitas which ran towards a Yorkshire terrier being walked by its 79-year-old female owner on a public walkway, known as `The Black Path', in Leadgate, near Consett, County Durham, on December 22 last year.
WELL done ECHO for publishing a good news story on the Japanese akitas and their training.
They had been split up and put into separate pens as female Akitas don't get on too well together.
On the list are Akitas, boxers, chow chows, Doberman pinschers, pit bulls, American Staffordshire bull terriers, rottweilers and wolf hybrids.
The pup won 'prettiest bitch' in the show that raised money to help rescued Akitas across the Midlands.