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1. A native or inhabitant of ancient Akkad.
2. The Semitic language of Mesopotamia. Also called Assyrian.

Ak·ka′di·an adj.


(əˈkædɪən; əˈkeɪ-) or


1. (Peoples) a member of an ancient Semitic people who lived in central Mesopotamia in the third millennium bc
2. (Languages) the extinct language of this people, belonging to the E Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family
(Historical Terms) of or relating to this people or their language


or Ac•ca•di•an

(əˈkeɪ di ən, əˈkɑ-)

1. an extinct eastern Semitic language of Assyria and Babylonia, written in a cuneiform syllabary borrowed from Sumerian.
2. a native or inhabitant of Akkad.
3. of or pertaining to the language Akkadian.
4. of or pertaining to Akkad or its inhabitants.
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Noun1.Akkadian - an ancient branch of the Semitic languages
Semitic - a major branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family
Assyrian Akkadian, Assyrian - an extinct language of the Assyrians in ancient Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia - the land between the Tigris and Euphrates; site of several ancient civilizations; part of what is now known as Iraq
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The joint venture that won the tender comprises Latvian company Vilands Associates, Lithuanian company Fabula Ir Partneriai and Estonian company Akkadian.
Ancient Akkadian Cylinder of Ishtar -- Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia She is also considered as the queen of the heavens; an eight-pointed star was her symbol.
The region was part of the Akkadian empire (2335-2154 BC) which united the Akkadian and Sumerian-speaking Mesopotamians under one rule.
It includes 44 recipes on Cuneiform tablets written in Akkadian, and it includes a recipe forguess whatbeet borscht.
Even though the author specifically mentions readers versed in Akkadian as well as linguistic typologists (Cohen refers to Xrakovskij 2005) as the audience of the study, comparative Semiticists will also profit from the work.
Participants in this round included new investors, Akkadian Ventures, Microsoft Ventures and Focus Ventures in addition to participation by existing investors, Trinity Ventures, Venrock, Rembrandt, and Time Warner.
It was gradually replaced by Akkadian around 2000 BC, but continued to be used as a sacred, ceremonial, literary, and scientific language in Mesopotamia for thousands of yeats.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Tablets with cuneiform inscriptions that were discovered at the KE-ltepe archaeological site in Kayseri province during archeological excavations last week have revealed that 300 current Turkish words were in use in the Akkadian language 5,000 years ago.
Archaeologists working for the French Archaeological Mission in Bahrain discovered that the tablet was used to document contracts using the Akkadian language, which was the trade language in the Middle East at the time.
But archeological excavations conducted in the ancient city of Babylon in 1879, discovered the clay cylinder bearing a long inscription in Akkadian that supported the Biblical story.
The phenomenon is explored in ancient languages of the Mediterranean: Hittite, Greek, Akkadian, and Egyptian and other others.
Dhi Qar province includes over / 1200 / archaeological site mostly to the dawn of the era of Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Achaemenid, Sassanid and the Islamic civilizations.