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(ækˈməʊlə; Kazakh ɑkmɔˈlɑ) or


(Placename) a former name (1994–98) of Astana


(ækˈmoʊ lə)
the capital of Kazakhstan, in the N central part. 280,200. Formerly, Akmolinsk, Tselinograd.
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Noun1.Akmola - remote city of Kazakhstan that (ostensibly for security reasons) was made the capital in 1998
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In order to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State on March 7, the Ministry of Energy held a teleconference with interested state bodies, akimats of Kyzylorda, Karaganda, Akmola regions and Astana and Samruk-Kazyna NWF.
Reserves and coal supplies in the Kazakh regions as of January 30 are as follows: Akmola region - 85.
Another significant step of the First President of Kazakhstan was the transfer in 1994 of the capital from Almaty to the city of Akmola (formerly Tselinograd).
3 billion tenge to address water supply and sanitation in rural settlements of South Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan and Akmola regions.
The name Astana, which in Kazakh means capital, was given abruptly in May 1998 after an unsuccessful campaign to convince foreign journalists that the original name Akmola did not mean "white grave".
In 1997, Nazarbayev moved the capital from Almaty and changed the name of this place from Akmola to Astana, which was then an empty patch of land best known as a former prison camp for the wives of Soviet traitors.
This includes the construction of a mining and metallurgical complex in Kazakhstan's Akmola region.
NUMBER OF OPHTHALMOLOGISTS PER 10 000 POPULATION IN THE COUNTRY AND BY REGION REGIONS ALL URBAN RURAL POPULATION POPULATION POPULATION Kazakhstan 0,7 1,2 0,2 Akmola 0,6 1,1 0,2 Aktobe 0,8 1,2 0,3 Almaty oblast 0,3 0,6 0,1 Atyrau 0,6 1,0 0,2 East Kazakhstan oblast 0,9 1,3 0,3 Zhambyl 0,5 0,9 0,2 West Kazakhstan oblast 0,7 1,1 0,4 Karaganda 0,8 1,0 0,2 Kostanay 0,5 0,8 0,2 Kyzylorda 0,5 0,9 0,2 Mangistau 0,5 0,8 0,2 Pavlodar 0,7 0,9 0,3 North Kazakhstan oblast 0,7 1,3 0,2 South Kazakhstan oblast 0,4 0,8 0,2 Almaty city 1,9 1,9 NA Astana city 1,7 1,7 NA TABLE 2.
54 pure cultures of microorganisms--dermatomycoses pathogens isolated from animals in Astana and Akmola regions were selected to obtain DNA samples.
Most reserves are found in Eastern Kazakhstan, Akmola, Karaganda, and Kostanai regions.
The Council of Heads of the Governments of the CIS members took place in the village of Burabay in Akmola region on May 29, the press service of the prime minister of Kazakhstan said.
Kadyrkhan Otarov, the First Deputy Mayor of Akmola Oblast, the administrative district where Kalachi is located, proposed the idea of allocating millions of dollars for locals' resettlement into new homes and jobs in nearby cities like Esil.