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(ˈsɪt weɪ)

a seaport in W Burma. 107,907. Formerly, Akyab.
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For this journey to Akyab (Burma) on December 16, our helicopter was second in the order of take-off.
To erase the Rohingya history, the names of historical landmarks were changed: Arakan was named the Rakhine state, and its capital city Akyab changed to Sittwe.
90) One mosque with which he was associated (dated to 1756, though probably established much earlier) was located at Akyab, at the entrance to Rakhine's Kaladan River.
I was an aircraft man stationed at Akyab, Burma, with 267 Squadron.
As part of this Buddhization plan, the name of the Arakan state was changed to Rakhine, and the name of its capital was changed from Akyab to Sittwe.
There were more than 300 Rohingya in the boats which are coming from the Myanmar city of Akyab (Sittwe).
India is also trying to make progress on the $400 million Kaladan "multi-modal" project linking Mizoram and Assam through highways and inland waterways to Akyab, a port in south-western Myanmar.
Saki was born Hector Hugh Munro in 1870 in Akyab, Burma (now Myanmar), the third child of Colonel Charles Augustus Munro and Mary Frances Mercer Munro.
January 3-5 On the heels of withdrawing Japanese troops, British forces occupy the island of Akyab (now Sittwe), off Burma's northwestern coast.
The foreign media has reported that China is helping Myanmar build modern naval bases in Hangyi, Coco, Zadetkyi, Akyab, Mergui and Kyaukryu to enhance China's capability to wage submarine warfare.
75) Aitchison was sufficiently concerned by these reports of opium use in Burma, and in particular by a petition presented to him by a number of influential residents of Akyab town in Arakan to write a memorandum to the governor general of India asking for increased restrictions on opium sales in Burma.
Eventually they were picked up by American troops and taken to Chittagong, Bangladesh, before they boarded a plane to travel to the island of Akyab.