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A sheikhdom of eastern Arabia on the Persian Gulf, part of the United Arab Emirates.
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"The female defendant tricked the victim by telling her she could find her a job with a lucrative salary," said Capital Governorate Prosecutor Isa Al Ajman in a statement issued yesterday.
Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Ajman, Chairman of the Shura Council's Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security and Dr.
According to the Kuwaiti cabinet statement, eight of the people who lost their citizenship were from the Mutair tribe, five from Al Obaidan family, one from the Al Ajman tribe and four others from various families.
Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al Ajman, in the presence of Information and Parliament Affairs Minister Isa bin Abdulrahman Al Hammadi, the committee members, representatives from the Defence, Interior and Information and Parliament Affairs Ministries as well as the committee's legal advisor.
Lawyer Faisal Al Ajman, representing the ex-husband, argued that the children faced daily abuse and had a difficult time living with their mother.
The meeting was attended by Media Advisor at the Bahraini embassy in the UK Shaikh Fahd bin Ahmed Al Khalifa and First Lieutenant Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Ajman.