Al Khalil

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Al Kha·lil

 (äl kä-lēl′, KHä-)
See Hebron.
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by Times News ServiceThe symposium was organised by Nizwa University, represented by Al Khalil bin Ahmed Al Farahidi Centre for Arab and Humanitarian Studies.
Malek Helali Doha AL Jazeera's 12th Annual Forum will focus on the Gulf crisis as a dynamic and pivotal topic affecting the regional alliances, the Arab region's issues including the Arab spring uprisings and the counter revolutions, and the international outcomes of the crisis, according to Mohamad al Mokhtar al Khalil, director of Al Jazeera Center for Studies.
Like countless others from her generation, Zena Al Khalil, a Beirut-based visual artist, writer and Nada yoga instructor has lived through the violence and pain her country has endured.
Download Al Khalil congratulates Lebanese on historic victory NNA - "Development and Liberation" bloc MP Anwar al-Khalil congratulated the Lebanese on the historic victory of the liberation of large areas of Lebanese lands in Arsal, Al-Qaa and Ras Ein outskirts from the terrorist organizations.
The Symposium is organized by the al Khalil bin Ahmed al- Farahidi Centre for Arabic Studies at Nizwa Universityin collaboration with Snaw Cultural Center at the university.
8- The martyr "Muhammad Al Ja'bari" (19 years old) Al Khalil city, 9/10/2015
The amount will be alloA[degrees]cated to support a laboratory at the Palestinian Red Crescent in Al Khalil -- Palestine, a press release said.
Summary: Human Appeal International (HAI), in collaboration with the Islamic Charitable Society in Al Khalil, yesterday hosted a mass Iftar for three thousand of its orphans in Al Khalil.
| RAMALLAH, March 12 (KUNA) -- A Palestinian young man was killed on Tuesday in a shooting by Israeli troops near Al Khalil (Hebron) in south of the West Bank.
We are expecting our hopes to turn into reality when a delegation from Sanliurfa visits Al Khalil. The people of Al-Khalil thank you, Osaily also said.
Mr Al Madhi congratulated the students for their performance and distributed the awards to the Edexcel high achievers and the juniors, while Mr Al Khalil distributed awards to senior pupils.