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n.1.(Zool.) The true gazelle.
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Al-Ghazali CEO Abdullatif Mohamed Al-Ali Al-Abdullatif Al-Ghazali Trade, the Hamilton watch dealership in Saudi Arabia, participated in the Abu Dhabi leg of Red Bull Air Race 2018 over the weekend of Feb.
Due to the status and the historical background of the city of Kufa, the idea emerged for establishing a cultural street, highlighting the city's landmarks," said the director of Kufa municipality, Amir al-Ghazali.
The statement indicated that Al-Ghazali is a senior member of AQAP who is involved in internal security and training of the group's operatives, while dan is deputy leader of al-Shabaab and al-Faqih is an AQIM associate "who planned the March 18, 2015 Bardo Museum attack in Tunis, Tunisia that killed at least 20 people.
These details were revealed by Sheikh Salim bin Ahmed al-Ghazali, chairman of Golden Group Holding, which recently signed a management agreement for MAaAaAeA venpick Hotel Muscat Airpor
Chairman of the Assembly Social Affairs Committee, Al-Tayeb Al-Ghazali indicated to efforts being made to alleviate poverty through financing institutions .
502154) (Pre-Medical group) of Al-Ghazali College of Sciences, Kotli and Nosheen Nazim d/o Nazim Hussain (Roll No.
a/tekhunah), Maimonides, like al-Ghazali, recommended the practical remedy of inducing a person to stick to its opposite for a while.
From the ubiquitous nature of ancient Greek philosophy to the rising tide of political Shi'ism, Imam al-Ghazali did not leave a stone unturned in his effort to bring back serious Islamic scholarship in the face of heterodox threats.
Hassan bin Alawi al-Ghazali, Director General of National Spatial Data Infrastructure.
This guide discusses the Qur'an from the perspective of philosophers and what they have said about specific verses in it, first covering its core theories and controversies and how thinkers have used it, followed by the bulk of the book, which examines specific passages from the beginning to the end (but omitting some) and thinkers who directly quote them, such as al-Ghazali, Ibn al-Arabi, Ibn Rushd, Mulla Sadra, and Ibn Sina, and their philosophical significance.
Witnesses informed WAFA that Israeli police opened fire on a Palestinian identified as Mosab al-Ghazali, 26, near the Bab-al-Jadid area and left him bleeding on the ground until he succumbed to his critical wounds.
The shipment, containing painkillers, vitamins and food supplements, was delivered by the Denk Pharma Company Yemen agent Al-Ghazali Company for Trade and Medicines.