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Noun1.Al-Hudaydah - an important port in Yemen on the Red SeaAl-Hudaydah - an important port in Yemen on the Red Sea
Republic of Yemen, Yemen - a republic on the southwestern shores of the Arabian Peninsula on the Indian Ocean; formed in 1990
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On Friday, Saudi warplanes have continued their airstrikes against areas across Yemen, killing at least 115 people in the province of al-Hudaydah.
Islamabad A special PIA plane evacuated around 500 Pakistanis on Sunday from Al-Hudaydah city of Yemen, officials said.
They were evacuated from Al-Hudaydah city of Yemen as fighting is ongoing in Aden city, where 150 to 200 other Pakistanis are stranded, Tasnim Aslam, foreign office spokesperson stated, noting that Aden Airport is not accessible, but the city's port is free.
A Boeing-747 jumbo jet of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was sent to Al-Hudaydah airport after being given clearance by Saudi aviation authorities.
Earlier today, the plane departed from the city of Al-Hudaydah in Yemen for Karachi on Sunday.
On the ground, most of Yemen's cities observed a complete strike on Wednesday morning as police fired shots into the air in the town of Huta, in southern Lahij province, and in the Red Sea city of Al-Hudaydah, witnesses said.
In the coastal city of al-Hudaydah, a gunman killed at least one person attending an anti-government protest, according to <em>Al Jazeera</em>, citing witnesses.
Protesters also took to the streets in the cities of Taez and Ibb, south of Sanaa, and the Red Sea city of Al-Hudaydah, the organisers said.
Other large demonstrations were reported in Hadramawt, Al-Hudaydah, Shabwa and Al-Baida.
According to the UPS website, the company maintains four locations in Yemen; in Sanaa, the capital, and in Aden, Taiz and Al-Hudaydah.
The security officials and members of the kidnappers' tribe said the two Americans N a man and a woman N were seized while traveling to al-Hudaydah province west of the capital, San'a.