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Noun1.Al-Magrib - a kingdom (constitutional monarchy) in northwestern Africa with a largely Muslim populationAl-Magrib - a kingdom (constitutional monarchy) in northwestern Africa with a largely Muslim population; achieved independence from France in 1956
Arab League - an international organization of independent Arab states formed in 1945 to promote cultural and economic and military and political and social cooperation
Maghreb, Mahgrib - the region of northwest Africa comprising the Atlas Mountains and the coastlands of Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia
Casablanca - a port on the Atlantic and the largest city of Morocco
El Aaium - a town in Morocco near the Atlantic coast
Fes, Fez - a city in north central Morocco; religious center
Marrakech, Marrakesh - a city in western Morocco; tourist center
Oujda - a city in northeastern Morocco near the Algerian border
capital of Morocco, Rabat - the capital of Morocco; located in the northwestern on the Atlantic coast
Tangier, Tangiers - a city of northern Morocco at the west end of the Strait of Gibraltar; "the first tangerines were shipped from Tangier to Europe in 1841"
Spanish Sahara, Western Sahara - an area in northwestern Africa with rich phosphate deposits; under Moroccan control since 1992
Atlas Mountains - a mountain range in northern Africa between the Mediterranean and the Sahara Desert; extends from southwestern Morocco to northern Tunisia
Abila, Abyla, Jebel Musa - a promontory in northern Morocco opposite the Rock of Gibraltar; one of the Pillars of Hercules
Moroccan - a native or inhabitant of Morocco
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Bank Al-Magrib s'attend, cependant, a ce que l'inflation s'accelererait a 1,2% en 2020, tiree par sa composante sous-jacente qui, soutenue principalement par la reprise prevue de la demande interieure, s'etablirait a 1,5% apres 0,8% prevue en 2019 et 1,1% en 2018.
These are important elements to fasting: setting the intention for the day and avoiding food and drink between the al-fajr (dawn prayer) and al-magrib (after sunset); avoiding smoking, swearing, lying and physical intimacy.
Abdellatif Jouahri: Governor Central Bank of Morocco, former Chairman of Bank Al-Magrib, and Director Arab British Commercial Bank.
"Bank Al-Magrib has always worked with IFC to acquire industry expertise and for financial support," said Khalid Zbir, Head of Branch Network and Public Credit Registry Department of Bank Al-Maghrib .