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or Ah·waz  (ä-wäz′)
A city of southwest Iran northeast of Basra, Iraq. Modern Ahvaz was built on extensive ruins of an ancient Persian city.
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That included members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of al-Ahwaz founded by Seyed Hamid Moussawi.
To quote Al-Qassemi: "One of the strongest bonds between two families in the Gulf was that of Kuwait's Sunni Al-Sabah and the Shi'a Al-Kaabi of the semi-state of Arabistan in the Al-Ahwaz region, in what is today Iran's south-western Khuzestan Province.
92) However, the forces of 'Mud al-Dawla quickly routed cIzz al-Dawla and his allies at the battle of SCiq al-Ahwaz on 11 Dh 1-Qa' da 366/1 July 977.
Even though most of those books were connected to the arts and Arabic grammar, Abu 'Ubaydah also wrote several books that considerable important as sources of information in history such as Kitab al-Jamal wa Siffin and Kitab Futuh al-Ahwaz.
Tehran, (SANA)-The Syrian-Iranian Businessmen Council and Al-Ahwaz Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines signed a cooperation protocol.
Militants in Khuzistan include the Front for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz (FLA), the Ahwaz Human Rights Association and the Khuzestan Prosperity Party.
The shadowy Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on Iranian security forces and other government symbols in recent months.
This requires from the Arab countries in general and the Gulf ones in particular a support to the people of Al-Ahwaz and a benefit from their people since they are Arabs.
A no-longer existent unit of the defunct Western-backed Free Syrian Army named itself the Al-Ahwaz Brigade while the ASMLA used references to the anti-Al-Assad rebels to identify their attacks in Khuzestan.