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Al·a·bam·a 1

n. pl. Alabama or Al·a·bam·as
1. A member of a tribe of the Creek confederacy formerly inhabiting southern Alabama and now located in eastern Texas.
2. The Muskogean language of the Alabama.

[Alabama Alba·mo, Alabama person.]

Al·a·bam·a 2

 (ăl′ə-băm′ə) Abbr. AL or Ala.
A state of the southeast United States. It was admitted as the 22nd state in 1819. Alabama was first explored by the Spanish, and the southern section was claimed by the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase (1803). Montgomery is the capital and Birmingham the largest city.

Al′a·ba′mi·an (-bā′mē-ən), Al′a·bam′an adj. & n.
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(Placename) of or relating to Alabama or its inhabitants
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Alabama
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Noun1.Alabamian - a native or resident of Alabama
American - a native or inhabitant of the United States
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The next biggest cost is product, which includes the lice combs and the foam they get from the secret Alabamian. The average Lice Happens appointment brings in about $320.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions appear to have resulted in Republicans themselves adopting a negative view of the embattled Alabamian. While 32% of Republicans view Sessions favorably, 40% view him unfavorably and 27% don't have an opinion.
We are worried that Ali Ahmeti is drawing closer to "the current of VMRO-DPMNE" in BDI", said diplomatic sources of several international portals in Alabamian language.
In a post that ran on SciComm, a science blog, Amanda Glaze, an Alabamian who teaches at Georgia Southern University, wrote that the bill would "seriously harm efforts to improve science literacy.
Cukor's ouster as director of Cone with the Wind nixed Andersons chance to play Scarlett O'Hara, but the native Alabamian embraced the role of Southern belle Maybelle
In 1977, when he was still in law school, the young Alabamian skipped contracts class with a friend to watch then-Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley prosecute the first trial of the 1963 bombing of the 16th
As a fifth generation Alabamian who was raised in the Deep South tradition of cooking vegetables with bacon or fatback, and frying the dickens out of meats, I wanted to expand upon the answer your publication gave.
However, after Bahrain had Ibrahim Alabamian sent off for a second yellow card on 51 minutes, Yemen were awarded a second penalty two minutes later, and this time, Abram Alsation demonstrated how penalties should be taken.
Growing up in a race-defined world in which white power structures permitted violence in order to perpetuate generations of subservient southern blacks, Flynt as a young Alabamian found himself influenced by unusual regional crosscurrents.
''Everything was history after that,'' the Alabamian explained.
Roger Crawford said regretfully on Saturday night that, with the exception of fellow Alabamian A1 Dillard, he had lost touch with his teammates.
They had come for Jim Harrison's induction into the Alabama Academy of Honor, the highest award the state can bestow on a living Alabamian.