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n.1.(Bot.) A flower bud.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In addition, in Mk 14, 3 the Latin version of the Bezae Codex Cantabrigiensis, surely written before the Vulgata and even dated by Antonio Ammassari to the first century A.D., (23) presents the reading ampullam as a translation of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.], a unique variant in all the Greek and Latin manuscripts, even compared with the Greek parallel of the Codex Cantabrigiensis itself (D): at this point, the Vulgata presents the reading alabastrum and the Greek text gives [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.], both here in Mark and in the synoptic parallel of Mt 26, 7, whereas Jn 2, 3 has libram, Greek [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.].
Trochus (Euchele) alabastrum: Reeve 1858 in 1857-58: 209, pl.
Nonetheless, two specimens labelled 'triangulata var.' (without locality), from the Cuming collection, bear considerable resemblance to Reeve's original figure of Trochus alabastrum (Fig.
alabastrum, its resemblance to the description and original figure of the latter strongly suggests that it may have been the Cumingian material referred to by Reeve.