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A group of Germanic tribes that settled in Alsace and nearby areas during the fourth century ad and were defeated by the Franks in 496.

[Latin Alemannī, of Germanic origin; see man- in Indo-European roots.]


(Peoples) a West Germanic people who settled in the 4th century ad between the Rhine, the Main, and the Danube
[C18: from Latin, of Germanic origin; related to Gothic alamans a totality of people]


(ˌæl əˈmæn aɪ)
a confederation of Germanic tribes, located W of the Rhine and N of the Danube rivers in the 3rd century a.d.: by the 5th century partially driven from this area and settled in N Switzerland and Alsace.
[< Latin, of Germanic orig.; c. Gothic alamans totality of humankind =ala- all + mann- man]
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339-510), mediatizada por la Favola di Narciso de Alamanni, que Padilla sigue con mayor cercania que las restantes versiones castellanas de Silvestre y de Acuna.
La Vita di Castruccio Castracani da Lucca es una obra tardia y, como dijimos, poco conocida de Nicolas Maquiavelo redactada en el ano 1520 y dedicada a Zanobi Buondelmonti--a quien ya le habia dedicado los Discorsi--y a Luiggi Alamanni, amigos del autor con quienes compartia los encuentros en los Orti Rucellai.
Auvergnats and the Bourguignons then proceeded to ask the Alamanni for
In L'assedio di Firenze (1836) one of the characters, the Florentine Luigi Alamanni, stands in front of the Arno river after years of exile in Paris.
Another piece of evidence that Galileo hid this mistake, and was acutely embarrassed by it, is his failure to help a certain Luigi Alamanni find a copy of the lectures just a few years afterward, although he knew very well that there was a copy in his own hand with the Florentine Academy (Galileo, 1890-1909: IX).
Finally, he describes how the Moselle flows into the Rhine, and here the work touches on issues of politics as Ausonius mentions a recent victory over the Alamanni, the barbarian tribe most responsible for threatening the Roman frontier along the Rhine.
Este recorrido historico y literario comienza con el analisis "El pensamiento renacentista en el Faeton de Alamanni y de Aldana" (pp.
At the same time, the versatile Florentine poet Alamanni (1495-1556), a favorite of Francois I, had been writing Italian pastoral verse since 1519 and published a volume of Tuscan Egloghe in Lyon in 1532 dedicated to the French king (Marot/Rigolot I: 566n619).
pounds 348 Take a four-night break to Florence staying at the three-star Alamanni Hotel Florence, with the flight leaving Cardiff on Friday, February 18.
Prendendo in considerazione le opere di Ludovico Ariosto, Luigi Alamanni e Danese Cattaneo, l'autore dimostra inoltre come il modello che finisce per imporsi nel corso del XVI secolo derivi principalmente dallo scudo di Enea.