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n.1.The lowest note but one in Guido Aretino's scale of music.
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The Alamire workshop, under her patronage, produced the finest presentation manuscripts of the early sixteenth century; three of them contain Missa de Sancta Anna by the court's resident composer, Pierre de la Rue.
WORCESTER - A Renaissance music Mass setting inspired by a courtly love song of the 16th century, and the French chanson itself, will be performed for what may be one of the first times in hundreds of years during a concert at 7:30 tonight by Capella Alamire at All Saints Church, 10 Irving St.
A small choir, the early music consort Alamire, begins to sing a very beautiful piece of Renaissance music by composer Josquin Desprez.
The renowned Alamire Consort's performance of a section of the historical work, at dusk in the cathedral, is an experience Dr Harper won't forget in a hurry.
Antje Olivier and Karin Weingartz-Perschel, Komponistinnen yon A-Z (Diisseldorf: Tokkata, 1988); Antje Olivier and Sevgi Braun, Komponistinnen aus 800 Jahren (Dusseldorf: Sequentia, 1996); Simonne Claeys, Het tweede thema, of de verwaarloosde geschiedenis van de componerende vrouw (Peer, Belgium: Alamire, 2002); Valeria Woodring Goertzen, "The Eighteenth Century," in From Convent to Concert Hall: A Guide to Women Composers, ed.
Alamire, Belgium: Facsimile Editions of Prints and Manuscrits, 1991.
In terms of programming, and reflected by the self-explanatory title of the disc, the Missa Alleluia is performed within the `context' of motets by Josquin, Obrecht and Pipelare; all copied for the court by Alamire.
In 1496/7, the Marian confraternity in 's-Hertogenbosch paid Petrus Alamire 7st.
Birgit Lodes studies the seven mostly contemporaneous (and French) masses in MS 15495 of Vienna's osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, proposing direct ties between this presentation choirbook from the Petrus Alamire workshop and Emperor Maximilian l's 1508 visit to the Netherlands and the new alliance with France.
The Alamire Foundation, established in 1991, is the "International Centre for the Study of Music in the Low Countries.
Alamire Music Publishers, Toekomstlaan 5B, B-3910 Neerpelt, Belgium.
The award has gone to articles published in the following journals: Notes (13 times), Fontes Artis Musicae (3), American Music (2), once each in Music Reference Services Quarterly, Journal of the American Musicological Society, Early Music, Music & Letters, The Beethoven Journal, Research Chronicle, Yearbook of the Alamire Foundation, and four times to monographic chapters (see the chronological list of Hill Award winners in the MLA Membership Handbook [2009]: 4-5).