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n.1.The lowest note but one in Guido Aretino's scale of music.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Practices varied across Europe and England, but surviving parchment manuscripts typically reinforce their special character with decorated borders, illuminated initials, miniatures, heraldry, or other ornamentation; the scriptorium of Petrus Alamire set the international standard for beauty and prestige in musical gifts.
This is the first volume in a catalogue series developed under the auspices of the International Center for the Study of Music in the Low Countries, part of the Alamire Foundation, whose overall purpose is "...
WORCESTER - A Renaissance music Mass setting inspired by a courtly love song of the 16th century, and the French chanson itself, will be performed for what may be one of the first times in hundreds of years during a concert at 7:30 tonight by Capella Alamire at All Saints Church, 10 Irving St.
A small choir, the early music consort Alamire, begins to sing a very beautiful piece of Renaissance music by composer Josquin Desprez.
The renowned Alamire Consort's performance of a section of the historical work, at dusk in the cathedral, is an experience Dr Harper won't forget in a hurry.
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Ora animo, nao esmorecam, facam de conta que aqui fora nao esta gente, senao animais; e una, ai senhor trompa, de la o Alamire: ora oucamos.
In terms of programming, and reflected by the self-explanatory title of the disc, the Missa Alleluia is performed within the `context' of motets by Josquin, Obrecht and Pipelare; all copied for the court by Alamire. Inspired planning and a certain directness of approach produce a pleasing result: the Mass movements are interspersed with the motets as they would have been in a celebration, while attention is drawn to the distinctive features of the latter by altering the disposition of voices according to individual requirements.
In 1496/7, the Marian confraternity in 's-Hertogenbosch paid Petrus Alamire 7st.
The Alamire workshop, under her patronage, produced the finest presentation manuscripts of the early sixteenth century; three of them contain Missa de Sancta Anna by the court's resident composer, Pierre de la Rue.
Le livre de musique d'Isidore de Seville a Edmond de Coussemaker [Neerpelt: Alamire; Lille: Ad fugam, 2007]); the byproduct of the scholarly conference is the book of essays under review here.