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Noun1.Alan Turing - English mathematician who conceived of the Turing machine and broke German codes during World War II (1912-1954)Alan Turing - English mathematician who conceived of the Turing machine and broke German codes during World War II (1912-1954)
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Dstl partners with the Alan Turing Institute to set challenges for data science experts.
THE triumphant and tragic story of Alan Turing, mathematician and codebreaker, is being told this week at the People's Theatre in Newcastle.
It is named after World War II code-breaker Alan Turing, who was pardoned in 2013.
ALAN Turing had a hatred of America according to newly discovered letters from the computer genius.
Schiesser examines the numerical integration, or solution, of a system of partial differential equations that describe a combination of chemical reaction and diffusion, that is, reaction-diffusion PDEs, which correspond to a system that British mathematician Alan Turing (1912-54) discussed, and is therefore known as a Turing model.
The second Winton Labs programme has been run in collaboration with The Alan Turing Institute, whose academics have provided the startups with technical mentorship.
THE Government has once again said that they are 'committed' to passing the so-called Alan Turing law.
Britain is to pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men who were convicted of crimes under sexual offence laws which have now been abolished, following on from the 2013 exoneration of celebrated World War Two codebreaker Alan Turing.
Thousands of British men sentenced for homosexuality before it was decriminalised will be pardoned under the Turing Law, named after the famous scientist in the 1940as Alan Turing, announced the government in London, cited by BGNES.
THE director of GCHQ has apologised for historic prejudice against homosexuals by the agency and the "horrifying" treatment of Alan Turing.
WICHITA--Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitemore tells the personal and true story of Alan Turing.
A HUDDERSFIELD academic has been appointed the new regional director at a physics laboratory institute that bred scientists such as Alan Turing.