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 (ăl′ər-ĭk) ad 370?-410.
King of the Visigoths (395-410) who plundered Greece in 395 and attacked Italy, conquering Rome in 410.


(Biography) ?370–410 ad, king of the Visigoths, who served under the Roman emperor Theodosius I but later invaded Greece and Italy, capturing Rome in 410


(ˈæl ər ɪk)

A.D. c370–410, king of the Visigoths: captured Rome 410.
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Noun1.Alaric - king of the Visigoths who captured Rome in 410 (370-410)Alaric - king of the Visigoths who captured Rome in 410 (370-410)


[ˈælərɪk] NAlarico
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