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If a monkey gives an alarm call to a snake, it's thought to be purely motivated by the signalers' own perspective, like their own state of arousal, their own emotional state.
In a Facebook post a spokesman said: "Birds of prey will typically alarm call at any perceived threat that comes too close to the nest site and it is on rarer occasions they may dive at the threat if it persists.
SCDC are looking for a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to operate the 24 hour alarm call monitoring service across the 43 sheltered schemes.
LUKE DONALD is happy to face a 4am alarm call - after scraping into the Open as a late reserve.
The Cygnus alarm system can link as many as 480 alarm and detector units in different zones on a construction site, and individual units can be fire alarm call points, first aid alerts, combined call points and first aid alerts, smoke detectors or heat detectors.
Pheasants have been almost silent until recently and, though you could occasionally glimpse them, now they announce themselves with their strange alarm call somewhere between a screech and a rattle.
They also responded with increased vigilance to the aerial alarm calls of the blue-eyed black lemur, scanning towards the sky but never the ground which suggests they classified the alarm call correctly.
The fire alarm call came at 23:08 Moscow time on January 4 to the cardiology ward of the Pokrovskaya hospital at 85, the Bolshoi Avenue on the Vasilyevsky Island, the St.
The bird used five types of calls, namely territorial call, begging call, alarm call, contact call and distress call in its call repertoire.
Andrews, Great Britain, set up a study with wild chimpanzees in Uganda and found that chimpanzees were more likely to alarm call to a snake in the presence of unaware than in the presence of aware group members, suggesting that they recognize knowledge and ignorance in others.
TEETH can provide an alarm call warning of eating habits that lead to ill health, Prof Philipe Hujoel, from the University of Washington School of Dentistry in Seattle, US, has claimed.
Alarm Call, trained in France by Jacques Ortet, will be the sole European runner in next month's Nakayama Grand Jump.