Seward's Folly

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Noun1.Seward's Folly - the transaction in 1867 in which the United States Secretary of State William Henry Seward purchased Alaska from Russia
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(23) Ironically, the United States entered the Arctic power circle via its 1867 Alaska purchase as a result of Russia's strategic maneuvering.
The real story is that most people will remember Seward for the Alaska purchase price of $7.2 million dollars and forget the real cost was much higher.
Thursday, March 30: 150th anniversary of the Alaska Purchase
(91) Additionally, some Alaska Natives and Creoles were eligible to be citizens under the Alaska Purchase Treaty, which declared that Alaska Natives considered "civilized" by Russia would become U.S.
Key words: Alaska purchase, American imperialism, Arctic poetry/criticism, British Columbia, Canadian confederation, Francis Bret Hatre, William Henry Seward, Frederick Whymper
By simply changing the roll markings and the stock medallion, Winchester spewed out special 94s for everything and everyone from Custer, Buffalo Bill, and John Wayne, to the joining of the transcontinental railway, the Alaska purchase, and the first flush toilet in Cheyenne.
The company was also struggling to make a go of some offshore California properties it had acquired prior to the Alaska purchase.
What does the law say about Alaska hire and Alaska purchase? Basically, the courts have consistently found that no employer, even if it's a public agency, can be forced to hire locally or be penalized for not hiring locally.

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