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A nonsedating antihistamine, C22H23ClN2O2, used to treat allergic rhinitis and other allergic disorders.

[(ch)lor(o)- + (az)atadine, antihistamine from which it is derived (probably alteration of azo- + (hep)ta- + -(i)d(e) + -ine).]
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n loratadina
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There are various generic and Claritin and Alavert formulations.
The portfolio contains such powerful brands as Advil in the analgesics category; Alavert in allergy remedies; Anbesol in oral pain relief; Caltrate and Centrum in nutritional supplements; Chap-stick, the iconic lip balm brand; the hemmorhoid treatment Preparation H; the cough/cold medicine Robitussin; and ThermaCare in the heat/ice packs segment
Abreva, Advil, Alavert, Aleve, Centrum Multi, Claritin, Enfamil, Farouk Shampoo, Gillette Fusion CRT,Gillette LTE M3 CRT, Lamisil, Lotrimin, Motrin, Monistat, Oral-B RPL HEAD, Oil of Olay, Pepcid AC, Prilosec, Schick Refill CRT, Senokot, Similac, Tagamet, Tylenol, Zantac, Zantrex Diet.
Khankari contributed to the development and launch of partner products such as Wyeth's Alavert, AstraZeneca's Zomig ZMT, Organon's Remeron Soltabs Novartis' Triaminic Softchews, and the newest Cephalon product, FENTORA (fentanyl buccal tablet) [C-II], for cancer patients with breakthrough pain.
A publicly held company that has been in business for 145 years, Wyeth also markets such well-known brands as Chapstick, Centrum, Dimetapp and Alavert.
How about five kinds of Claritin next to five kinds of Alavert, which, of course, are right beside all the private labels?
Medicate: Various antihistamines are sold over the counter; Claritin and its generic equivalent, Alavert, are effective for many allergy sufferers.
Alavert, an over-the-counter medication that has the same ingredients as Claritin, sells for 85 cents or less per tablet.
The Food and Drug Administration approved over-the-counter Alavert (loratadine) orally disintegrating tablets for the temporary relief of symptoms of hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies.
WellPoint Health Networks is offering coupons so members can buy an over-the-counter antihistamine at a reduced price, through a partnership with Wyeth, manufacturer of Alavert (loratadine).
The health care company is partnering with Wyeth, manufacturer of Alavert (loratadine), to offer the discount.
Alavert, for example, is designed to provide long-lasting relief from allergy symptoms without causing drowsiness.