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(Spanish ˈalβa)
(Biography) Duke of Alba See Alva


(ˈæl bə; Sp. ˈɑl vɑ)

Duke of, Alva, Fernando Alvarez de Toledo.
References in classic literature ?
It was necessary that Romulus should not remain in Alba, and that he should be abandoned at his birth, in order that he should become King of Rome and founder of the fatherland.
That was not the call of a man of Erin,' says Deirdre, 'but the call of a man of Alba.
A bird of another closely allied genus, Chionis alba, is an inhabitant of the antarctic regions; it feeds on sea-weed and shells on the tidal rocks.
The retreat of Rocca Bianca was at the top of a small mountain, which no doubt in former days had been a volcano -- an extinct volcano before the days when Remus and Romulus had deserted Alba to come and found the city of Rome.
Alba continues its efforts to bring in high calibre speakers to develop our Management team.
The happy couple welcomed their third child and first son, Hayes Alba Warren, on Sunday, Dec.
Keyword: Radix Paeoniae Alba, Electrochemical fingerprint, Oscillation system.
Al Baqali joined Alba in 1998 as a purchasing officer and was promoted in 2010 as the manager of Procurement and Warehousing.
As reported last November, having earned the right to a 49% interest in the project, Alba had further agreed, subject to regulatory approvals from the Greenlandic authorities, to acquire a further 41% interest in the Project to take Alba to 90% ownership in total.
Don Alba, as he was fondly called, was originally from Avila, Spain.
They marched from Alba to the Labour Ministry, in Zayed Town, in a demonstration supported by the Alba Labour Union (ALU).
Alba was able to sustain value-added (VA) sales for 2014 with an average of 66 per cent of total shipments.