Alba Iulia

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Al·ba Iu·lia

 (äl′bə yo͞o′lyə)
A town of west-central Romania on the Mureşul River. It is on the site of the ancient settlement Apulum, founded by the Romans in the second century ad.
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Michael was given the title Grand Voevod of Alba Julia and restored to the nursery.
They gave lectures in Lazar's department, to officials in the Prison Department and to professors and lecturers in the legal faculty of the University of Alba Julia.
E.g., although all the authors acknowledge the reality of ethnic conflict and the persistence of the oppression of national minorities and affirm their own ethnicity, some see only a "transcendentalized" form of reconciliation, as, e.g., in Gyorgy Jakubinyi's (Roman Catholic archbishop, Alba Julia, Romania) understandable claim, given the past, that God is neutral.