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Noun1.Alban Berg - Austrian composer in Schoenberg's twelve-tone music system (1885-1935)
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Live events at Annan only begin tonight with the inaugural concert by Kirill Petrenko as chief conductor with Beethoven's mighty Choral Symphony No 9 plus Alban Berg's Lulu suite.
Alban Berg was suggested, but it all happened very fast and there was no time to acquire permission.
The Wilson Music Library also acquired a signed autograph musical quotation of Massenet's Herodiade, a gold and diamond brooch featuring singer Rise Stevens in her role as Octavian in Der Rosenkavalier, a silver cigarette case embossed with images of Enrico Caruso and Heinrich Conrad, and a two-page autograph letter from Alban Berg to Rudolf Kastner dated 1927.
Director Atom Egoyan's fusion of Alban Berg's 1926 Lyric Suite for String Quartet and Alexander Zemlinsky's 1923 Lyric Symphony into the music-theatre and operatic You Are Mine Own illustrated the thematic energy of live performance on Jun.
The music of "the Second Viennese School", which included composers Arnold Schoenberg and his pupils Anton Webern and Alban Berg, created a seismic shift in the western tradition of classical music, moving away from diatonicism and towards heterodox terrain in tonality and form.
But her most famous role is perhaps as the eponymous heroine in Alban Berg's Lulu ; her debut in the role took place at the Vienna State Opera.
In great demand around the world for the last 20 years, for her recital in Cyprus Elmark will join forces with Westergaard, winner of the 2015 International Lied Duo Competition, in a programme of songs by Claude Debussy, Alban Berg, Richard Strauss, Sergei Prokofiev and Edvard Grieg.
"Along with his devoted students Alban Berg and Anton Webern, Schoenberg was the leader of what came to be known as the Second Viennese School.
What Mirga's eloquent arms, which seem to encompass the whole orchestra, achieved here was an amazing welding-together of the score's sprawling, disparate elements, unafraid to look forward to the gashing expressionism of Mahler's great disciple Alban Berg (and not only in the slow movement's Kletzmer interlude) whilst at the same time dwelling on a young man's ardour.
His student, Alban Berg, employed the technique extensively in his opera Wozzeck, which made an immediate sensation and remains one of the most popular of all atonal works.
Most recently, he followed his 2010 production of Shostakovich's satire The Nose at the Metropolitan Opera in New York--which was rapturously received by art and music critics--with a new version of Alban Berg's Lulu at the same venue, lauded by the New York Times as a 'stunning and searing production' of an 'ingeniously structured, grimly beautiful work'.