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Noun1.Albanian capital - the capital and largest city of Albania in the center of the countryAlbanian capital - the capital and largest city of Albania in the center of the country
Albania, Republic of Albania - a republic in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula
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A SERIES of explosions at an army depot near the Albanian capital Tirana has killed at least nine people and injured more than 240.
Troops and police cordoned off a smouldering army depot north of the Albanian capital Tirana as crews searched last night for workers missing following explosions that killed at least nine people and injured hundreds.
A BOAT carrying 20 people celebrating the birthday of five-year-old twins sank in a lake near the Albanian capital Tirana early yesterday, killing 16 people, including the children.
The British Embassy in the Albanian capital of Tirana revealed that more than 500 Albanians applied last year for visas to stay in the UK after marrying an EU national - and 411 were granted.
EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn is now expected to initial the document himself when he visits the Albanian capital on February 18 during a four-day tour of the Western Balkans with European Commission President Barroso.
From 2006 British Airways will be offering flights from London, UK to the Albanian capital Tirana as part of the airline's expansion plan for Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
The Danes were around the 66-1 mark to hammer home their 1-0 first-leg advantage with five unanswered goals in the Albanian capital.
One of Pro Helvetia's most successful cultural projects is the Lindart gallery in the Albanian capital Tirana.
A fleet of Mercedes sedans without license plates lined the streets of Kosovo's capital, Pristina, and young men with hooded eyes and bulky suits checked into the top floors of showcase hotels such as the Rogner in Tirana, the Albanian capital. It was rime for criminal elements with close ties to America's newest ally to reopen the traditional Balkan Road--one of the biggest conduits for global heroin trafficking.
MCI is hoping to work with an Austrian military field hospital near Shkodra (100 kilometers from the Albanian capital of Tirana) to assist returning refugees.
"These children have been brutalized," an aid worker in Tirana, the Albanian capital, told me.
The real hijacker, Fatmir Pisli, 24, also died in the botched rescue near the Albanian capital, Tirana.

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