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 (ăl′bərt), Prince 1819-1861.
German-born British prince consort. Born into the house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, he married (1840) his cousin, Queen Victoria, and was noted as a patron of British arts, sciences, and industry.


1. a kind of watch chain usually attached to a waistcoat
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) Brit a standard size of notepaper, 6 × 3 inches
[C19: named after Prince Albert]


(Placename) Lake Albert a lake in E Africa, between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda in the great Rift Valley, 660 m (2200 ft) above sea level: a source of the Nile, fed by the Victoria Nile, which leaves as the Albert Nile. Area: 5345 sq km (2064 sq miles). Former name: Lake Mobutu


(Biography) Prince. full name Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. 1819–61, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland


(ˈæl bərt)

1. Prince (Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emanuel, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), 1819–61, consort of Queen Victoria.
2. Lake, a lake in central Africa, between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a source of the Nile. 100 mi. (160 km) long; 2061 sq. mi. (5338 sq. km); 2030 ft. (619 m) above sea level.
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Noun1.Albert - prince consort of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1861)Albert - prince consort of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1861)


[ˈælbət] NAlberto
References in classic literature ?
Philip telegraphed to Albert Price, and in a little while an answer came:
Albert Price also wished to get through the necessary business quickly so that he could get back to London.
At last he and Albert Price followed the hearse to the cemetery at Montparnasse.
I want to do the thing decent," said Albert Price, "but there's no use wasting money.
Well," said Franz to Albert, "do you know what is the best thing we can do?
said Albert, "do you think we are going to run about on foot in the streets of Rome, like lawyer's clerks?
Franz and Albert descended, the carriage approached the palace; their excellencies stretched their legs along the seats; the cicerone sprang into the seat behind.
But Albert did not know that it takes a day to see Saint Peter's, and a month to study it.
Amongst dissolute and unprincipled men, of whom the Temple Order included but too many, Albert of Templestowe might be distinguished; but with this difference from the audacious Bois-Guilbert, that he knew how to throw over his vices and his ambition the veil of hypocrisy, and to assume in his exterior the fanaticism which be internally despised.
But these favourable sentiments on the part of the Grand Master were greatly shaken by the intelligence that Albert had received within a house of religion the Jewish captive, and, as was to be feared, the paramour of a brother of the Order; and when Albert appeared before him, be was regarded with unwonted sternness.
The Grand Master thinks otherwise,'' said Mont-Fitchet; ``and, Albert, I will be upright with thee wizard or not, it were better that this miserable damsel die, than that Brian de Bois-Guilbert should be lost to the Order, or the Order divided by internal dissension.
They must be strengthened, Albert,'' replied Mont-Fitchet, ``they must be strengthened.