Prince Albert

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Prince Albert 1

A city of central Saskatchewan, Canada, on the North Saskatchewan River north-northeast of Saskatoon. It was founded in 1866.

Prince Albert 2

A man's long, double-breasted frock coat.

[After Prince Albert Edward, later Edward VII.]

Prince Albert 3

1. A man's genital piercing in which a ring is passed through the opening of the urethra and pierced through the underside of the glans of the penis.
2. The ring used for this piercing.

[Probably from an unfounded story that Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria, had such a piercing.]

Prince Albert

(Clothing & Fashion) a man's double-breasted frock coat worn esp in the early 20th century

Prince` Al′bert

1. a city in central Saskatchewan, in S Canada. 28,631.
2. a long, double-breasted frock coat.
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Noun1.Prince Albert - prince consort of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1861)Prince Albert - prince consort of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1861)
2.Prince Albert - a man's double-breasted frock coat
frock coat - a man's coat having knee-length skirts front and back; worn in the 19th century
Prinz Albert
Prince Albert
Prince Albert-piercing
Prince Albert
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