Albert Lake

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, Lake also Albert Ny·an·za  (nī-ăn′zə, nyän′-)
A shallow lake of east-central Africa in the Great Rift Valley on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1864, the explorer Sir Samuel Baker named the lake for Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's consort.
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Many young anglers will be at the Jack Charlton DAA children's fun day this Sunday at Sharpley Springs' Alice and Albert Lake.
Stan Shippey from Middleton St George returned 20 trout and his best fish was a 10lb rainbow caught in the Alice and Albert Lake.
Howard Robinson from Ryton released eight on the Hangman's, going on to release a further five on the Alice and Albert Lake, while Dan Leonard from Felling also had good top-of-the- water sport, releasing six from a total bag of 16.
David Todd from Gateshead bagged an excellent brace with fish of 8lb 8oz and 6lb from the Alice and Albert Lake.
Clint Hallam from Longnewton had one of 12lb on a Snake Fly; Paul Green from Wigan had a 13-pounder on a Blue/Black Buzzer; V Henry from Whitley Bay had a 10lb in a bag of 12; and Jack Henderson of South Shields netted one of 10lb from the Albert Lake.
Luke Radcliffe from Sunderland took the fish of the week at 20lb from the Alice and Albert Lake using a Bloodworm.
Still more doubles came up to feed on the Doxford and Alice and Albert Lake where wing-drying Olives could be seen on the surface after early afternoon.
Andrew Campbell from Backworth took an 11-pounder from the Alice and Albert Lake.
Stanley Drew from Wallsend returned a 151b rainbow, his 10th fish of the day, using a Goldhead Damsel on the Alice and Albert Lake.
Paul Fenny from Hartlepool landed a 12-pounder, Wade Brown from Tynemouth had a 10lb 8oz rainbow from the Alice and Albert Lake and Ian Akurs from Sunderland returned 12.
Ryan Barrow caught 13 trout to 10lb on the Albert Lake on a Bloodworm.
The Jack Charlton Junior Disabled Angler Cup will be fished on the Alice and Albert Lake on Sunday.