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 (rĕn′əldz), Sir Joshua 1723-1792.
British portrait painter who served as the first president of the influential Royal Academy of Arts (1768-1792).


1. (Biography) Albert. born 1932, Irish politician: leader of the Fianna Fáil party and prime minister of the Republic of Ireland (1992–94)
2. (Biography) Sir Joshua. 1723–92, English portrait painter. He was the first president of the Royal Academy (1768): the annual lectures he gave there, published as Discourses, are important contributions to art theory and criticism


(ˈrɛn ldz)

Sir Joshua, 1723–92, English painter.
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Noun1.Reynolds - English portrait painter and first president of the Royal Academy (1723-1792)Reynolds - English portrait painter and first president of the Royal Academy (1723-1792)
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Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin also paid tribute to Mr Cosgrave: He said: "He will be remembered as a fair and principled man who STATESMAN At the of Albert Reynolds conducted the business of government efficiently.
1994 A meeting between Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds and Boris Yeltsin had to be cancelled when the Russian President slept in.
THE revelation that conmen ripped off former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds as he battled Alzheimer's is sickening.
TRIBUTES have been paid to former Irish prime minister Albert Reynolds as a brave peacemaker after he died following a long illness.
Jerry Adams with Albert Reynolds centre and John Hume in Dublin Hold hands
Former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds, who played a key role in advancing talks towards brokering peace in Northern Ireland, died on Thursday.
Very sad to hear that former taoiseach Albert Reynolds has died," he tweeted.
After nearly two years' negotiation the two leaders, John Major and Albert Reynolds, stood united on the steps of 10 Downing Street.
THERE was widespread consternation in September 1994 when Russia's unpredictable president Boris Yelsin overslept and missed a meeting with Ireland's leader, Taoiseach Albert Reynolds.
1994 Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds waited on the tarmac at Shannon Airport to meet Boris Yeltsin.
Comedians Brendan Grace and Frank Carson, snooker player Dennis Taylor and former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds also attended.
Fans were held back by bouncers as guests, including former Irish Prime Minister Albert Reynolds and millionaire JP McManus, arrived.