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Noun1.Albert Speer - German Nazi architect who worked for Hitler (1905-1981)
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When one of his aides remarked that there were only 'a few treaties we had not broken Hitler's eyes filled with tears of laughter' (Albert Speer, Inside the Third Reich).
A patron of the architect Albert Speer, his regime witnessed the construction of the Zeppelinfeld stadium in Nuremburg, which hosted party rallies.
(Von Trier is perhaps attempting to cryptically respond to/rationalise his reputation for being difficult to his performers.) Once the conversation turns to Albert Speer, Nazi architecture and Holocaust atrocity footage, it feels as if the filmmaker is looking to troll audiences.
It was the year I acquired an option for the film rights to Albert Speer's memoir.
At the time Derek had been playing Hitler in an American TV adaptation of the book Inside the Third Reich by Albert Speer, Hitler's architect.
Built by forced labor on the orders of Adolf Hitler's architect Albert Speer, Tempelhof Airport is a mirror of its city's history, serving as West Berlin's lifeline during the 1948 Soviet blockade.
For thirty-five years, from his trial for war crimes at Nuremberg in 1946 to his death in 1981, Albert Speer carefully constructed a legend about his conduct in the Third Reich that perfectly suited the intellectual mood of the postwar era.
Nazi Albert Speer wrote that Hitler was "highly annoyed" that Owens had triumphed.
An utterly fascinating account of the part played in it all by Albert Speer, the Fuhrer's favourite architect and planner, is keeping me totally gripped.
During the Nuremberg Trials, Albert Speer, former Nazi minister of armaments, admitted the Germans' costly two-year effort to construct Atlantic defences had been "brought to nothing because of an idea of simple genius".