Albertus Magnus

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Al·ber·tus Mag·nus

 (ăl-bûr′təs măg′nəs), Saint Originally Albert, Count von Bollstadt. 1206?-1280.
German religious philosopher who sought to apply Aristotelian methods to current scientific questions. He is also noted as the teacher of Thomas Aquinas.
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Albertus Magnus

(ælˈbɜːtəs ˈmæɡnəs)
(Biography) Saint. original name Albert, Count von Böllstadt. ?1193–1280, German scholastic philosopher; teacher of Thomas Aquinas and commentator on Aristotle. Feast day: Nov 15
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Al•ber•tus Mag•nus

(ælˈbɜr təs ˈmæg nəs)
Saint (Count von Bollstädt), 1193?–1280, German scholastic philosopher: teacher of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Al•ber′tist, n.
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The Roman Catholic Church will honor on Thursday the memory of Saint Albert the Great (San Alberto Magno), the patron saint of scientists and philosophers.
Among later scholastic manuscripts, the reviewer observes that there are late thirteenth-or early fourteenth-century copies from England, not just of Aquinas (MSS 47, 48, 76) but also (MS 152) of Siger of Brabant and Albert the Great. For understanding the diversity of intellectual perspectives within England in a period which generated both Scotus and Ockham, this is of great importance.
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Albert the Great (circa 1200-80) may indeed have taught at Paris, but only briefly.